As the crisp air of autumn descends upon Newfoundland, it’s time for the return of our favourite sport – hockey. The rinks come alive with the echoes of cheers, the clatter of sticks, and the rhythm of skates gliding across the ice. It’s the season we all wait for, and it’s finally here. With excitement and anticipation in the air, we’d like to extend our warmest wishes to all the hockey teams across Newfoundland for a fantastic season ahead!

A Season Full of Promise:

The hockey season is more than just a series of games; it’s a journey of dedication, camaraderie, and shared goals. Whether you’re a young player just discovering the joys of the game or a seasoned veteran, this season promises a fresh start, new challenges, and unforgettable moments on the ice.

Embracing Team Building at Pardy Central:

As you embark on your hockey journey this season, we encourage team managers and coaches to keep team building in mind. Strengthening the bond within your team is an essential aspect of success, both on and off the ice. That’s where Pardy Central comes in!

Why Choose Pardy Central for Your Team Builders:

Located right next to the Joe Byrne Arena, we offer a prime location for team building activities and events. Here are some reasons why you should consider booking your team builders with us:

1. Convenient Location: Being next to the Joe Byrne Arena means you’re just steps away from your practice and game sessions. After a hard-fought match, you can easily transition to a relaxing and engaging team builder, without the need for long commutes.

2. Variety of Team Building Activities: Pardy Central offers a range of team building activities and events tailored to your team’s preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for games, challenges, or activities that promote communication and cooperation, we’ve got you covered.

3. Boost Team Morale: Team building is not only about enhancing skills; it’s about boosting team morale and fostering a sense of unity. Team builders at Pardy Central are designed to bring your team closer together and ignite their competitive spirit.

4. Unforgettable Experiences: Our team builders provide unique and memorable experiences that will be talked about long after the season ends. These shared moments create lasting memories that enhance team chemistry.  We hosted parties for teams from all over Newfoundland & Labrador as well as weekly video review sessions for Central Impact U18. 

5. Reserve Your Slot Early: As the season progresses, tournament schedules tend to fill up quickly. To secure your preferred dates and times for team builders at Pardy Central, be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible. We’re here to accommodate your team’s schedule and needs.  We book any evening throughout the week, Fridays & Saturdays 6-8pm and 8:30-10:30pm as well as all day Sunday. 

In Closing:

As the puck drops and the season begins, we wish all the hockey teams in Newfoundland an exhilarating and successful season. May the ice be fast, the passes be crisp, and the goals be plentiful. Don’t forget to reach out to us at Pardy Central to book your team builders, conveniently located next to the Joe Byrne Arena. Let’s make this season a memorable one, both on and off the ice. Here’s to an unforgettable season filled with teamwork, growth, and countless moments of triumph!